910F 19* Surefit setting anomalies

Started by : Lou G |

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Lou G

My hybrids are fine - the 21 remains at D3 (I have it set to 39" length) and the 27 has always been C3.  I hit both dead straight.

I played with a TM Burner 7 wood before switching to the 910F 19*.  I've pretty much established  that 41" and a 59.5 lie angle are my fit.  I found D2 to be the best overall hitting because I hit it dead straight off the tee and it launches pretty well from the deck.  At A2 I have a lower, more penetrating ball flight on the tee but find it hard to hit off the deck.  If I use D3 - close to a snap hook.  Using C3 gives a similar ball flight as A2 but I tend to have too steep of a downswing and end up chunking it from the deck. 

Why would I be getting a higher ball flight with a lower loft? My guess is that a more open clubface does it.  Also it is easier to launch it with the lower loft.

Lou G

I'm probably going to end up closing this topic with this response - the anomaly can be attributed to a swing fault.  A range session after this AM's game (which was 4 strokes off my norm) seemed to fix it.