Are Kai'li shafts typically low launch

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george t

I have Kai'li shafts in my 910F as well as all 3 910H's.  My one issue I have with these clubs is that they all tend to have a lower flight than I'd like.  I know when I was fitted for my 910D3, the Kai'li was quickly ruled out.  The RIP that is in my D3 is incredible and I'm absolutely pounding the driver with high, straight shots that are easily 20 yards better than the R7 it replaced.

While distance is great, I'd like to get a similar flight out of both my F & H clubs.  Was the Kai'li not my best choice?

Joshua L

The Kai'li is a high launching shaft for myself. Your best bet would be to go to a certified fitter and tell him/her what you want in terms of ball flight and they'll be best suited to get you there. Everyone loads the shafts differently. I have a shaft that's classified as a mid launching shaft but the way I load it, it launches low. I would've never thought to give the shaft a go, had I not gone and gotten fitted.

Best of luck!