913D2 Worth the Upgrade?

I currently play a 10.5 set on B2 910d2 w/Diamana Kai li 62 gram stiff mid standard length.i carry prov1x on average 230ish with good accuracy. I am 51 and fairly athletic with a  Swing speed of low to mid 90's. my question is how big of a difference will I realize if I go to a 9.5 913d2 with a stiff Diamana Kai, l 72 gram shaft? Length/ball flight/feel etc....? I want to ensure improvement and not spend $$ if the improvement is minimal....anyone have some thoughts for me?

The 913D2 model should spin less than the 910D2, and the new Diamana shafts also should lower spin compared to previous models. Those are the "newest features" and if the club head and shaft fit your game it should be an improvement over the 910.


With the improved technology involved in the new 913 metal woods, I would recommend working with a Club Fitter who can find the right shaft/club head combination that will offer you the most improvement.  The new 913D2 will have less spin and a lower CG, which alone could give you more distance on your "on-center" hits.  Being a more forgiving model, you will have faster ball speeds and more distance on your off-center hits (toe/heel).  Overall, working with a Club Fitter will show you how much more of an improvement you will gain with the new 913 metals.



What about the 72 gram vs 66 gram, or is that small increase negligible?


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I asked myself the same question before I received the 913 but it has gained me an average of 18 yards even in the winter. The adjustability is bar none.

I upgraded from the 910D2 to the 913D2.   Where I've noticed a big difference is on the misses.  If I don't hit the club square on the face, it still goes a good distance and not too far off line.  I can't wait to see how it performs during the spring and summer months.  I've played with it in the cold temps and I've been really happy.

I think it is well worth the upgrade.  I did not pick up any great deal of distance with the 913 D3, but the forgiveness on the miss hits is amazing.  Plus I was able to install my current AD DI 7 in the 913 head to save some money on the premium shaft upgrade.



It isn't an extreme difference, but you may feel the weight add to the stiffness of the shaft.



I agree with Cameron, use a club fitter. He'll be able to measure "your" club (spin, launch, carry, etc) then match you with shaft, 913 head and setting.

The information is priceless. Make sure you get someone who uses a launch monitor and does it on the driving range as opposed to indoors.


913D2 w/ Diamanah White Stiff w/ B2 setting