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Brian T

I am planning on getting fitted in late February ( Driver through Wedges). I am planning on going to a Regional Fitter, Sleepy Hollow  County Club (New York) or Miles of Golf (Michigan). Does anyone have a recommendation?

Thank You

Barry O

Brian T., Hello my name is Barry. I was fitted for all of the clubs you are interested in @ TPI Oceanside, CA on a trip I took out to visit with my two children serving in the Marine Corps stationed at Camp Pendleton. What an experience I received at the fitting center!!! After getting home, I couldn't wait to tell all my golf buddies about my experience and results. The fitting I received at the institute far, far exceeded my expectations! One of my golf buddies got really interested in getting fitted but didn't want to make the trip up to Boston so we selected Sleepy Hollow CC and Kevin as the next best thing. Were we right. I watched my buddy's whole fitting process and it was nearly the same as I received @ TPI. We both now have full sets of Titleist Clubs fitted to our specs and the results are phenominal! You won't regret it, believe me! I am a pure Titleist advocate for life!!!!! Good luck, enjoy the experience and start training now for a tuff three hour fitting process!       All the best,            Barry