Studio Select Kombi™ Kombi-S

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tom b

I recently played a round with rented sticks in Florida. The putter was a Kombi S which I haven't stopped thinking about since that round. Putted lights out. I would like to get custom fit for it but I noticed the length options for custom only go up to 35". I have always played a 36" putter length and feel that works best for my game. Can I get a Kombi S at the 36" length and can I order it directly from Titleist or do I need to go thru a local store? Last question - what is the size difference between the Kombi and the Kombi-S? Thank you!

tom b

Thank you Cathi. I will search for a Kombi S 35 inch and send it in for customization asap.

tom b

I found a Kombi-S! Just sent it into Scotty to customize length and to regrip and paint to make it mine. Can't wait for her to come back with all the new custom touches requested. Will post photos when I get her back. Will also post after my first round with her.

david h

Hi Tom, I have been playing the Kombi-s heavy for 2 years now and 2 of my friends have bought them since. I just love mine the face weight vs. being toe weighted has made a huge improvement in my putting. Good luck with yours and lets see it when you get it back.