Diamana plus whiteboard in 913d2 driver

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Bobby S

Trying to get feedback if the diamana whiteboard plus in a stiff shaft is right for me.  Just recently was put on a launch monitor with a stock stiff diamana plus with 10.5 913 D2.   Felt really good.  Clubhead speed was 108 on average.  launch 11 degrees and spin around 3100.      Play right now a matrix 7M3 Black tie in an X Flex.  Don't like the feeling of a 2X4 in my hand.  Wanting to know if this shaft would be too weak?  Was looking on the shaft chart and was not sure if the whiteboard plus vs whiteboard play any different.  Any thoughts?

Robert J

See below, as it is from the description on the Titleist shaft chart.

Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus Series shafts combine the premium materials of Original Diamana with the MDI technology of Gen2 Diamana to deliver the great feel of Original and the stability of Gen2. In the D+ White 72, this provides firm feel with lower launch/spin.