Weighting the 913

I play a 913 D2 10.5 with the Mitsubishi Bassara stiff 50H. I have the standard Red dot weight. If I go to the heavier 14 gram weight will it affect the torque of the shaft? And what would be the benefit of having the heavier weight?


That bezel weight is strictly a swing weight component.  If you were to go with the 14g weight in that club head, you would increase your swing weight by 2-3 points.  It won't have any significant influence on the torque. 




How can i get the weights for the 913D3. I have the 8.5* D3 with the Diamana S+ 63X and a lamkin crossline corded grip. I need the driver to be a D3 swing weight. Will i need to make any weight adjustments?