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Jim G

To me, there is much more to iron fitting than shaft, lie angle, loft angle, and grip.  There is the sole and how it interacts with the turf.  For me, I tend to take a shallow angle of attack and brush the grass and don't really take a divot.  What sole should I be looking for in an iron, thin or thicker and should I use more of a MB type iron?

Jim G

I played with 681s and had no trouble striking those. I am more considering the CBs from 3-7 iron and 8-PW the MBs. 

Mickey G

Not a bad call on the combo type set. I play MB710's. I absolutely love them. Well, like everyone, sometimes I hit a few stinkers... but mis-hit a MB 3 Iron... it feels like hitting a bowling ball with a hockey stick on New Years day in the arctic circle... ok maybe not that bad.  But hit that sweet spot... like buddah! I was thinking of ordering AP2 3 & 4 irons myself.  Maybe CB now... good idea!

Jeff L

Ball striking is not a short coming in my game. I was just fitted for Titleist irons and ended up with 5 thru p in the MB, but chose to go with CB for 3 and 4 to minimize the times I may get away from myself with the longer clubs.  I could not be much happier with the choices that I made.