Regional Fitting

How much is a regional fitting cost? 


They will vary per Regional Fitting Center.  Do you know what Regional Fitting Center you would be possibly visiting?



I think it would be the one in was it Sea Island? I know it is the one in Georgia.

Even if you can not give an exact price, what would be a estimate?

The one Im going to is $100 per woods, irons, wedges or putter.   Or $300 for the whole bag. 

So only 300 for the fitting plus the cost of clubs?

That is very cheap! it was 150 just for the Driver fitting at Sleepy Hollow in New York at the regional fitting center there and a whole bag fitting was like 750 to 800 bucks and did not even go towards the purchase of equipment! i did not go through with it!

correct $300.00 plus whatever you purchase.