910d3 vs 913d3

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Chris C

I have been playing the 913d3 for the past 2 months.  It seems to be putting much more draw spin on the ball than my 910 D3 even when using the same shaft.  (whiteboard 73x)  I am reading the the face angle positions in the A1 setting are the same but the fit chart shows the position on the draw side of the axis lines. 

Is there anything in the face angle or center of gravity in the 913 D3 that would make this head produce more draw spin than my 910 D3?  (as background info, my clubhead speed and ball speed is 108 / 158 with both drivers on average with a  range ball)

My second question is how much of a difference should I expect between a real whiteboard 73 stiff and the new D+ that comes with the 913?


Chris C

Ok thanks!
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