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I want to buy the new 913F this year, but I have a quest for the shaft.

Last season I had a 910F with a 83 grams Project-X Tour Issue 6,5 but it sometimes felt a bit too stiff for me, but I am not sure.

I got fitted in a Trackman, and over 15 shots I had an avg. clubhead speed: 110 mph.

They said the Project-X 6,5 83 grams should work fine for me, but it felt still not 100 % right to me, and I still had a problem with hitting those soft draws as I can with my long irons.

Should I still go with the Project-X 6,5 shaft, as the fitters told me, or should I try and go down to the 82 grams 6,0 shaft? I like the way Project-X shafts and the ballflight I get with it, but I am open for other suggestions.

What do you say? 


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Tell your fitter exactly what you have told us and go hit both outside (if you can).  See if you lose anything with the 6.0.  You also have several other options.  You can tip the 6.0 up to 1.5" and/or you can not tip the 6.5 (they are both tipped 1" at standard if we are talking about a 13.5° or 15°).  We will also offer a retipping service for your 910 fairway as long as it was built by us and not changed in any way, so you can get your 6.0 either standard tipping or additional tipping and have both.


I did not know about the retipping service, but that's pretty sweet. unfortunately I have alrady sold my 910 fairway, so I need a new one anyway.

I did not quite understand the tip thing you are talking about. If I order the 6.0 Project-X (Tip-stiff, as it says on the shaft) is that 1" standard tipping form the factory?

Maybe it's the shaft tipping that gives me problems.

I am talking about the Project X Tour Issue X-8C4 which according to the Titleist Shaft Chart has a Mid launch and Mid spin. Should I look for a non-tipped shaft maybe? 

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The description of a shaft as tip stiff or medium stiff tip lets the player know what to expect of the shaft tip (in general).  It doesn't refer to the installation of the shaft.   When we install shafts, part of the process is to trim the tip of the shaft before we put it in the head.  We would recommend that you talk with your fitter and let him know your concerns about the 6.5 and ask him what he would recommend.