SST Pure for iron shafts

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I have a set of 712MB with modus 3, x flex in them. I was wondering if the puring process would actually make these shafts better or is the process not worth it bc of how good the shafts already are????  Do any or all tour staff members have their shafts pured????



steve b

I hope a ton of you guys read Cameron's reply - great answer and to the point. Also, notice that he gave you some of their info from the R&D team.  Pretty rare that a company would share that with you. Some of these companies will not even come close to doing that but Titleist wants you to know what is really going on.
  In this case with puring - no measureable affect on the ball flight.
Thanks to Cameron AND Titleist.

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David Browning


I'm currently using the same shafts that you have as well. In my opinion, they're good the way they are. I'm also a club tech and do a ton of re-shafts. You could aim your shafts in all kinds of directions in your irons, and I can guarantee that the only "difference" you'll notice, is the Modus logo facing various directions. 

If you think about it...if  "Pure'd" really makes a difference, with all the money that Titleist spends on R&D and as big as they are in to custom fitting, their clubs would come "Pure'd", or at least they'd offer it. The fact that they don't is a good thing, in my opinion. They could easily go along with the hype just to get the customers money, but they don't. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.