Fit for 910 D2 with GD Tour AD-DI 6S- can't afford it! Other option???

Last year I went through a D2 fitting and the result as a 8.5 head with the Tour AD-DI 6S, but I couldn't afford a $300 upgrade on a $400 club...  Are there ANY options that would come CLOSE to that shaft in reducing spin???  

With the new shaft offerings on the 913 models, either the Aldila Phenom or Diamana S+ shafts offer mid - high launch and low - mid spin.

Your best option would be to go get fit again.

I would do another fitting. the 913 D2 has a lower spin rate than the 910 line did. But a shaft with similar characteristics is the Proforce V2 66. its about a $40 up charge most of the time.