913 F swingweight

Hi, what would be the swingweight of the 913F 15-degree head with the Diamana D+ 82 S-flex shaft in a normal 3-wood length of 43 inches?


The swing weight would be D3.



Hi Cameron,

I realize this post is very old, but it is most pertinent to my question.  With the same setup or similar (913f, standard length, Diamana D+ 82 Stiff, Golfpride red/black multi compound grips), how could I achieve a D6 to match my 915D3?  Thank you.




Hi David,  Cam has actually moved to our East coast and into another department with us. 

You can get to a D6 with a 913F 15° with a D+82 Stiff and a Black/red Multicompound grip.  Your shop will have to make the request when placing the order.  At this time, we can still build that combination of head, shaft and grip.

Hi Cathi,
I actually have one already.   I am looking to see if the black weight will accomplish my desired swing weight.  Thanks sooo much.
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