CB 712s vs AP2s

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Michael M

Hi all - I was dead set on grabbing some of the new AP2s but after my fitting at the Titleist Regional Center at Jim Mclean in TX I was amazed at how well I hit the CB 712s.  I trust the guys at Mclean and I certainly trust my own two eyes after hitting off their beautiful range.  My quandary is it seems like a big leap coming off some old cleve Golds that I bought ages ago (2008?) and well before I started playing 7-10 times a month (moved from Northeast to TX and joined private club - HC down to 9).  The AP2s just felt heavy yet I still struggled to get down on the ball and consistently smooth any.  The CBs not so, even the few misses were solid contact/divot with a high right trajectory (more so from not finishing my swing I think).  While I continue to improve on taking nice divots I have always been a "picker" so my misses are generally thin.  But the CBs seemed to let me feel great about covering the ball and getting down through it.  Has anyone else gone through a similar "am I really ready for blades" moment?  Am I just thinking too much?  I have heard too many horror stories that go like "my buddy is scratch and he bought blades and could not hit them and went back to GI irons a month later."   Wondering if those are not exaggerations????  Would love to hear back from anyone with similar experiences.  FYI - shafts were the Project X PXi 5.5s.