Which 913d3 shaft is most similar to the following?

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Charles I

I had a club fitting at a hot stix last year but never ordered the driver they suggested. I just wanted to wait. I am now looking at the 913d3 as I love the look and feel and also the fact that the shafts are 45" as I want to cut it down to 44.75". The other manufacturer shafts start at 45.5" and I am worried about cutting too much of a shaft and having to get it back to a d2-3 swing weight. 

Anyway, I am wondering which of the stock shafts for the 913 is most similar to the following shaft that was recommended for a razr fit by hot stix. 

I am going to go and test at a titleist fitting place but just wanted some info to take with me

Thanks for your help 


Razr Fit 9.5deg RH

Length 44.75, freq 5.7 Swing weight D2-3

Recommended shaft UST VTS tour Spx Black 6-s

Recommended grip Golf Pride VRD black 60s