913-D3 vs. 913-D2

I play a 910-D3, 9.5, ahina and was recently fit in a 910-D3, 9.5 with the Diamana D+ 72.  I prefer the D3 profile but later decided to hit the D2 and loved the feel and extra forgiveness.  This facility did not have a launch monitor to compare with my original fitting.  My question, all things being equal should I expect the same distance with the D2 as I did with the D3?


 Yes.  With the same lofted heads and shafts, on center hits should go the same distance.  The advantage you would have with the 913D3 would be that it is a more workable driver.  The 913D2 will be the more forgiving option of the two.  Both will produce similar launch and spin characteristics. 



Thanks, Cameron.  That helps my decision, time for this old guy to go more forgiving.


Keep up the great work!