910 D2 Fitting Question

Started by : Andy S |

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Andy S

I really like my 910 D2 9.5 degree driver but after a half year of working with it i'm wondering if i have the wrong shaft.  It's the Diamana Ahina 70x5ct in stiff set to a A-3 on the head.  The ball flight for every other driver i have ever owned is a slight draw.  The D2 ball flight is dead straight (which is nice) to a slice / fade. Since this is the only club in the bag that slices / fades and that my home course is not accommodating to this ball flight it's an issue.  I switched to the A-3 setting from the A-1 and it did help a little ball flight but took off distance.   Is there any other options on getting this driver to draw or at least stay straighter?