Question about cost difference between driver shafts

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Pete D

After a few years with the 907D2 with the Diamana blue shaft (stiff, ~65g I think), I moved up to the 910D2 with about the same Diamana blue shaft.

Now it's time for the 913D3, and about the same Diamana blue shaft is available, but I'm wondering if I might get a bit more distance out of an "exotic" shaft. I just turned 50, and I've managed to keep my handicap under 6 for 35 years, but I can use all the help I can get. I'm well aware that spending more dollars on equipment guarantees nothing, so I'm going to get fitted next week to find out.

My question now is what can I expect to pay as an upcharge for a non-stock shaft?




I was just discussing with my club pro this similar question and he told me the prices for Diamana are up to $250 extra.  Obviously, some of the Diamana line is different and lower cost than others...Hope that helps...