Diamana S+62 vs Bassara W50

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Wayne M

My 913 D2 driver has the Diamana S+62 in R flex, I'm thinking of ordering the Bassara W50 in R flex from Roger Dunn Golf.  Is the difference in shaft weight going to affect my swing weight or does the Bassara W50 shaft come a little longer to compensate for the swing weight change?


I just went through a fitting for my new 913D2 yesterday and the differences between the Diamana 62 and the Bassara 50 were very apparent.  Both shafts are the same length so you will definitely feel the difference in weight and most likely you will need to change your swing weight.  I personally went with the Bassara because my swing speed is only in the low 90s and I got much better distance and height with it over the Diamana.  LOVED hitting both shafts but I just felt more comfortable with the Bassara.

Hope that helps!


Dan L

I just switched from an ilima 61 r to the Bassara 50 r. I noticed the the weight difference, but more than that I switched to an 8.5 head. This lowered my launch angle and increased my swing speed.I also had to change the setting from D1 with the ilima to A1 with the Bassara .It took 1 bucket at the range to get the  feel.

I also switched to the Bassara 60 hybird shafts in my 17,21,and 24, for me this is the best shaft I ever hit.

john p

compare diamanar+62 vs Bassara W50

Michael G

I just got fitted for a new bag...and when trying different shafts for the 913d2 I tried the Bassara and Diamana S+62....To me the Bassara was too whippy...I like a lighter weight shaft but got better results with the Diamana

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

You have several options.  You can go to a stiffer flex in the Bassara, tip the current flex, or, if it is the lighter swingweight you prefer, you can put a lighter bezel weight in the head and use the S+..