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scott g

Hello, I am considering upgrading my assortment of wedges in my bag and needs some recommendations. I currently play a variety of courses in and around the Albany NY area, current Handicap is 16. I have a Titelest 60/10 Lob, Yamaha 56/4 Sand, and a Titleist Volky 252/08 Gap Wedge.  Do the lofts and bounce parameters of my current clubs make sense to use for any new wedges that I purchase? I am interested in the  new AP2 Volky Line.


Thank You


Scott Grennon

Don O

Assuming you have a PW wedge with your iron set, your gap wedge should fit in bwtween your PW and SW.  If the PW is 43-44 degrees (they used to be 48 before irons "got longer") then you may want to look at a 50 or 48 degree wedge as a starting point for your GW.  A SW is normally 54 or 56 degrees with a bounce more in the range of 11-14 degrees.  Steeper swingers (diggers) need closer to the 14 degrees while sweepers may get by with even 8 degrees under firm sand conditions.

You shoold know if you are a digger or sweeper and you want to avoid a 7-9 degree gap from PW to GW.  ..Starting points.  Not everyone carries a lob wedge, so whether you carry PW->LW or PW->SW is another consideration. 

And I'd be more likely to believe, like Quinton, that the SW is 14 and not 4 degrees bounce.