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Bobby S

Searching for a driver shaft that would best suit my game.  On a launch monitor my ss is about 108mph with a launch angle about 9 -10 degrees.  Spin rate is usually around 3100 rpm.   Any suggestions on a shaft that can decrease my spin rate and increase my launch angle.  traditionally I like a 70=75 gram shaft.  Any suggestions?  Not close to a dealer that can get the proper shafts for me to try.  I am going to have to order one and see how it works out


Hey Cameron,

I have been fitted for this shaft but for a 910D2. I have held off buying it until I try the 913. I will be heading down to Palatka Muni for their March 7 Fitting Day to try the 913. Is this shaft possible to send to the fitter for that day? I have called them to try to make an appointment but apparently no appointments necessary.

Thanks Cameron.