Longer clubs, Lie angle?

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Jeff W

Ok so I am in a weird situation and it is hard to explain. So last year I ordered a new set of 712 AP2's. I got them an inch long, making them 2 degrees flat automatically. I also ordered them 2 degrees upright. When I got them checked this winter they were 4 degrees upright. My question is, since I have longer clubs, what should my lie angles be to be at "standard"? I want to make sure I get them back to standard and then make adjustments from there.

My misses were all going left and I could really tell they were too upright. Thanks for the help.

Quintin H

Jeff, your thinking that a longer shaft makes the effective lie angle flatter is incorrect, a longer shaft makes it more upright.

For example if you put a 7i shaft in a 9i, you have the length of a 7i but the lie angle of the 9i, the 7i is flatter than the 9i, so the effective lie angle is upright.

If you put the 9i shaft in the 7i it is effectively flatter lie angle.

If you want the 9i to fit as it would standard but with a longer shaft then you need the 7i shaft and 7i lie angle for your 9i.