Looking at new Driver and hybrids

Hi Everyone, 

I'll be the first to admit I am a bit of  a club junkie,  so here's my situation:

Was fit for clubs in Florida in Dec 2011 on family vacation. Bought a 910D2 with an Accra dymatch 60-M4, plays to standard length. clubheard speed when fit was 100 MPH, launch of 9.8*. Due to the fitter not having the Accra shaft with a 910 tip i hit the Kai'li 60g shaft. This leads me to believe that these shafts are somewhat similar. The Dymatch shaft feels almost to whipy now, and i have a tendency to hook the ball. 

Hybirds that were fit were Adams IdeaTech V3, with Accra dymatch 85-M4. 19* plays at 41.25* and 22* plays at 40.25". Club head speed was 97.5 MPH. These clubs feel long, and i tended to hit a right to left shot with these even in the fitting. 

The torque on the Accra shafts are 3.0. 

With the season getting closer, I've gone in and hit a few of the Titleist clubs, Specifically the D+ 72g shaft in both a 10.5*913D2 and a 9.5*913D3. I like the D+ for its constant feel throughout. The numbers in the About Golf launch bay on the 913D3 were: Launch 16* with spin rates of 2200-3300, with a club head speed of 115 MPH. My initial reaction to the salesman was "how often is this thing calibrated?".

I've hit my fathers 19* 910H with the 90g 'ahina S flex. I like the club however it does feel a tad board stiff in the hybrid. 

I've put on 10 lbs since last fit and go at the ball fairly aggressively with a steep angle of attack.

My Questions are:

1. Do you believe the About Golf Launch #'s?

2. Is there a highly launching shaft that has the same feel as the D+? (I know somewhat of a subjective Question)

3. What are the differences between the D3/D2, other than size? I suspect the D2 CG is further back and helps get the ball up. 

Thanks for reading and the replys. 

Not surprised there's no responses here.  The forum isn't for posts like this, although I'm sure you took a lot of time to formulate it.  I've found this forum to be best for Yes/No topics.  It's sad, but true.  Try GolfWRX for long winded topics, you'll have much more luck there.