Regional Fitting Center at Miles of Golf

Just got fitted for my new 913D2 9.5 Driver at Miles of Golf in Ann Arbor.  Kudos to Ken Jones who got me dialed in correctly with a Diamana 62+ in R flex.  Just the trajectory I wanted.  Thanks to the experts at Miles of Golf.  Uprades to my Fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges to follow.    Dave D


Thanks for the great feedback!



Hi Dave, looking to head up to Ann Arbor in a couple of weeks for a driver/iron fitting myself.  Was wondering what the cost was?  Not sure if different facilities are less/more expensive than others.  Thanks!!


Jordan:  I chose the $75.00 option as I was previously fitted for 910D2 2 yrs ago and just needed to confirm info.  It was refunded with my order so a great deal.  I recommend Ken Johns.     Dave D

If you go on MOG's website they have the fitting options available with pricing and description of what all is involved with each session.  I just went up a couple weeks ago for an iron fitting and had an awesome session.  Have new AP2's on order now!!  I worked with Shawn and his knowledge and explanations of the data is incredible!  Best investment you can make for your golf game in my opinion!  

Thanks everyone for the great info.  I made my appointment a couple of weeks from now and am super pumped to get fitted properly!!  

I just did an iron fitting  on the trackman a couple weeks back at Miles and let me say it was the best money I've ever spent on anything golf.  This was my first trackman fitting.   I had been playing stock mizzys with s300s for 8 years.  Well after one swing with my 6 iron my fitter told me I'm definatley not a s300 player.  I ended up fitting into AP2s with Project X 7.0s 1 deg flat 2 deg strong and Vokey TVDs in 50, 56 bent to 55 and 60!  I knew I swung hard but not like that n without the expertise at Miles and trackman I probably would have just purchased AP2s with X 100s which my numbers weren't near as good with.  He also told me that the PX 7b3 I had in my driver isn't the best fit for my swing speed so I now have a 7A3 in and am impatiently waiting for this Ohio winter to end so I can get out and use my new set!  Spend the money and get the Maxx fitting you won't be sorry!