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Alex L

Hello, i recently went to golf galaxy to get fit for a 913 F and they did not have many shaft options, I was hitting a 13.5 with and 82 g D+ stiff, my launch angle was pretty good and my swing speed was averaging around 103. Would this be the best shaft to yield the most distance and control? What would a 72D+ x-stiff change compared to the 82g D+ stiff? Let me know your ideas on what would give me more distance and/or more control. Thanks!

Alex L

Thanks for the useful advice and information! Is there a reason why you picked the 15* over the 13.5*?


I don't carry a hybrid, and I wanted to make sure that I could deck it. Plus, the 15* is a better fit between my 225 yard 3 iron and my 280+ drive. I don't hit the fairway off the tee much, unless it is a really tight spot.

This is mostly speculation though. I haven't tried a 13.5*. I do know that the 15* gives me the yardage that I am looking for.