Is the 913D2 Right for me? Shaft, Flex, Loft?

Started by : Dominic C |

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Dominic C

I'm Dom:

I'm 28 years old and I'm 6 foot 3 inches. I'm a beginner; first started playing last year. I'm trying to decide if the 913D2 is right for me. This would be my first driver of my own. I'm taking lessons to get better but I can't practice without a club. So, at the moment I hit a straight to fade shot shape with an emphasis on the slice like most amateurs. I usually have a slow swing speed but the only numbers I have we're taken recently and I am on the tail end of breaking my foot so I can't plant and power through my swings; my ball speeds were 90-100: meaning my swing speed would be in the 70s then. Assuming I pick up speed from practice and recovery, I would guess my swing speeds increase anywhere from 75s to 80-85 to start with. That being said, if the driver is right for me, what "stock" shaft should I get and what flex, similarly any ideas on loft?

Responses would be much appreciated! ;)

My guess so far is: Titleist 913D2 10.5 loft with Bassara 50 Regular flex