AP1 vs. AP2? And where should I go get fitted?

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Matthew R

Hi everyone!  After about 9 years I'm finally getting around to buying a new set of clubs!  I usually score between 90 and 92.  I've been hitting with a set of slingshots that I did not get fitted ( please forgive me, I didn't know any better).  My question for everyone is should I get the AP1s or the AP2s?  It's a lot of money for me and so I want to make sure I get the right clubs for me.  Also if someone can recommend a great place to get fitted in the Bellevue WA area, that would be great!

thanks everyone for your help!


Richard S

Hi Mat.  I already purchased the AP2  irons. I own Whispering pines G.C. and used to work as a assistant pro for years in the P.G.A. apprentice program. I used Titleist blades. I am still a scratch player, but seemed to have lost about 10 yards with these irons. The only specs I changed was from X100 to proxect x 6.0. and the heavy multi-compound grip. I have a retail account. Do you think that the swing weight has changed and caused that. I have no way of checking that at my shop.

Richard Schwartz

Whispering pines g.c.

Columbiana,Ohio 44408

Richard S

sorry thought that was intended for me

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Matthew R

Thanks Cameron!  Do you know if I can go to TPC snoqualmie without being a member to get fitted?

i appreciate your help!  I've already been using the 913 D2 driver and LOVE IT! Forgiving and strait for me, which is what I was looking for.

again matagain mat

Cameron D


They are listed as a public fitter, so you should have no problem contacting them to setup a fitting,