AP1 vs. AP2? And where should I go get fitted?

Hi everyone!  After about 9 years I'm finally getting around to buying a new set of clubs!  I usually score between 90 and 92.  I've been hitting with a set of slingshots that I did not get fitted ( please forgive me, I didn't know any better).  My question for everyone is should I get the AP1s or the AP2s?  It's a lot of money for me and so I want to make sure I get the right clubs for me.  Also if someone can recommend a great place to get fitted in the Bellevue WA area, that would be great!

thanks everyone for your help!



It sounds like you fit into the AP1 player profile, but working with a Club Fitter will certainly validate what set you go with.  See below a couple of our recommended Club Fitters that aren't far from you.  Snoqualmie Ridge is an Advanced Fitting Center that will have a few more shaft options to work, but Interbay Golf Center also comes recommended. 

Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club

Advanced Fitting CenterWhat is this?

SNOQUALMIE, WA 98065-9745 (12.8 miles)

Interbay Golf Center

SureFit CartWhat is this?

SEATTLE, WA 98119-2123 (12.6 miles)



Hi Mat.  I already purchased the AP2  irons. I own Whispering pines G.C. and used to work as a assistant pro for years in the P.G.A. apprentice program. I used Titleist blades. I am still a scratch player, but seemed to have lost about 10 yards with these irons. The only specs I changed was from X100 to proxect x 6.0. and the heavy multi-compound grip. I have a retail account. Do you think that the swing weight has changed and caused that. I have no way of checking that at my shop.

Richard Schwartz

Whispering pines g.c.

Columbiana,Ohio 44408

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Thanks Cameron!  Do you know if I can go to TPC snoqualmie without being a member to get fitted?

i appreciate your help!  I've already been using the 913 D2 driver and LOVE IT! Forgiving and strait for me, which is what I was looking for.

again matagain mat


They are listed as a public fitter, so you should have no problem contacting them to setup a fitting,