Grinds on Vokey SM4's

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Connor I.

Hey TT, I am looking at buying a new set of Vokey SM4 wedges. I am most likely going to go 50-08, 54-11 bent to 55-12, and 60-10

But I am curious about the grinds on the wedges, mainly the M-grind on the 54-11 and the 60-10. I am more of a driver/digger type of player. So is the M-grind versatile for most players or do you think it would fit my driver/digger type of swing. Also, I have heard that the M-grind digs more around the greens and on full shots, is this true? If it is, do you think that is something I should have to worry about since I have a digger/driver type of swing? Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.



David Browning

Don't forget, when you make a club stronger or weaker, you also alter the bounce. More bounce is better in softer, fluffier conditions, low bounce is better in firmer/tight conditions. It all depends on the course(s) you play as well and what you're looking for, say, around the greens, from the you want your ball to stop quickly, or do you prefer a little roll out. There's all sorts of variables when it comes to choosing the best wedges for your game. Getting fit for your wedges is just as important as getting fit for any other club. 

Lou G

Fortunately for me, I have places of varying conditions I can practice at.   Miramar's pitching greens have tight fairways and hard sand.  Admiral Baker has two practice bunkers, one with wet sand and the other with soft sand (the clubhouse practice green has tight lies around it and the driving range area has grassy pitching and chipping conditions). 

The only thing I have been toying with in my short game since about 2009 is my lob and x wedge setup.   The sand wedge has been established as 53-55* with 11-12* bounce to match the loft of the PW (53 with a 45* wedge and 55 with a 47* wedge)..   I used a 64 wedge between 2006-2011 and now I am back with it.  For lob wedges, I've played 58-12 to 62-07, finally arriving at 59-09 for a wide variety of conditions.  I don't carry a gap wedge because I get more proficient with the PW and SW.