Left Handed 910 D2 setting

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Mark L


I'm a lefty and just purchased the 910 D2 9.5 loft with a Diamana 65 mid S Shaft.

I tend to slice the ball...starting straight and curving to the left. Can you recommend some settings to try on the range?

Many thanks,

Mark Luceri

Don O

The SureFit guide is on this web site here - http://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/913-performance-guide/ - it is the same for the 910/913.

From D4 (default base setting) you can go to C3 then D3 to increase lie which will tend to favor a draw.  The club can't entirely correct a slice - you'll need to find out why the club face is open at contact to provide side spin - most common fault of amateur golfers.  Most likely is swinging outside in, to the least like being the shaft is too stiff and not closing in time with your swing.

William J

I have had the same problem both with the 910 and the 913. Also left handed. Try starting the setting at C3 and if you need more go to D3. Let me know if that works