913F 15 Degree with Bassara Shaft

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ted l


I'm looking for a 3 wood that I can hit off the deck and get some elevation as well as distance.  My driver swing speed is ~95 and my 3 wood swing speed is ~90.  I just returned a cally X-Hot 3 wood because I couldn't get it much higher than 10-15 feet.  I was just at GolfSmith hoping to test the 913F with a regular Bassara shaft because Titleist's web site says that shaft produces a high launch, but they don't have that model in stock. 

Would that shaft give me what I'm looking for?


Lou G

I have the Bassara shafts on my 910F 19* and 910H 27* and they have the right trajectory for me and don't balloon like TM.

I tend to hit a 3 wood a bit high and actually hit an 18 fairway the same distance.   I don't carry a 3 wood because the 19F gets me around the golf course just fine and I hit the green on the longer par 3s; I also have a 13* driver.

See a Titleist fitter.