fitting at PGA superstore

Hi Tim,  Give Kevin a call and discuss your concerns.  It depends on your ball speed and launch angle.  You can launch it a little lower and have higher spin or launch it higher with a little lower spin and achieve the same distance.  Higher spin means that it will stop quicker and may spin back.  If you have plenty of speed, that may work fine for you.  Since, the MB's have caught your eye, let Kevin know and discuss the pros and cons before you place an order. 

I ended up with the MB's because I am committed to playing and am taking a few extra lessons. I am very happy with the MB's, especially around the greens. While I know I need to keep working, my stroke is more consistent than it has been in the last few years. Sure I mishit some shots, but my average score has dropped 3 strokes since making the switch and the feel is 2nd to none


Sleepy hollow is awesome....very good customer service