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Marc H

I need to get fitted for a new set of AP2 irons.  I have never been fitted for clubs before.  I would appreciate any advice or information about the various fitting options.  

-- I have a Golfsmith very near me that can do a one-hour fitting with a launch monitor, and will credit the cost of the fitting against the purchase of the clubs.

-- There will be a free Titlelist Fitting Day about 30 minutes from me next weekend.  

-- I can travel about an hour to the "Advanced Fitting Center" and pay $50 for the fitting (no credit towards purchase).

--  The Titlelist facility in Oceanside is about 90 minutes away.  $200 for the irons fitting with no credit towards purchase.

Will the benefits of traveling to Oceanside mid-week for the expensive fitting justify the cost and time commitment?

Chris S

This is a no brainer for me... Oceanside for sure! It might $200 but you get a Tour level fitting. Well worth it in my opinion.

 Chris S

Patrick M

Going to Oceanside is worth every penny. 

They are experts. It is all they do. 

I would not go anywhere else. 

I went to a fitting there all the way from Denver. 

Barry O

Hi Marc, great question! I live in NY and while I had an excuse to go get my fitting out in Oceanside, CA because my kids were stationed at Camp Pendleton, I can't tell you how much this fitting has meant to me. For me, it was worth every penny and more! My fitting experience outmatched any expectations that I had and the confidence of being fitted by a Titleist fitting specialist proved that my game is worthy of such great equipment! I have since taken a buddy of mine to the regional fitting center down near NYC and he too has improved because the clubs fit him so well. This would be my recommendation to you that you get fitted at a Titleist Regional Center or make the Trip either to Manchester Lane in Massachusets or the TPI facility in Oceanside, CA! Good luck!

Ps. if you have the money to spend on Titleist equipment, the cost of the fitting is unconsequential. 

Marc H

Thanks for the input.

If only I were a Tour level player! ; )

Marc H

Thanks, Barry.

Another great endorsement for Oceanside.