Could you recommend a fitter?

Living in a rural area has its advantages, but for golf fitting locations it has a lot to be desired! I live in the middle of Tennessee .I am 2 hours from Memphis and 2 hours from Nashville. Could you recommend a good fitter close to me?

Hi Walt,  McKenzie is smack dab in the middle and as you are aware, not very close to our fitters.  If you want to go to Nashville, we would recommend seeing Patrick Jackson or Cass Kovalcheck at the Vanderbilt Legends club - 615-790-1300 or Tim Sygerych at Westhaven GC.  If you want to go to Memphis, Brent Ratliff is at Wyndke CC and his number is (901) 754-1888. 

Thanks Cathi, I will give Vanderbilt Legends a call and try to set up something!



Sounds good!  Let us know how the fitting goes

Can you tell me where can I get fitted for wedges out door as well as putter and hybrid central California area about an hour away from Monterey

If you are north near Palo Alto, we would recommend seeing Kevin Lozares over at Palo Alto Municipal GC - 650-856-0881 .  If you are closer to Stevinson  Ranch, we would recommend talking to Dave Harmon - 209.668.8200 or Steve Watanabe at The Bridges in San Ramon - 925-735-4253.  If you want to go into Monterey, see Pat Jones or DJ Milligan at Bayonet - 831-899-2351

Thank you so much cathi unless i go up north on a trip I think I will be giving pay and dj a call again thanks for the advice