913d3, have driver and specs, how to fix swingweight

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Joe B

Driver:913 D3 9.5*, std L, RIP 60 X, 9gm wt, set C-3. Xi7 winn, +1/64th Swt D5-6

Club Length Dead Wt Swing Wt Loft Lie Torque
Driver  45.19  11.23  D5.77  9.5  1.8 
Driver  45.00  11.30  D5.26  9.5  1.8 

Above are the specs I was fit for last year which had a xstiff shaft in it.  Since then I had some health issues, and my swing speed is down to around 105mph. I have a friend who wants to sell his 913D3 with just  a stiff alidla rip 60 shaft, and a 9 gram weight in the head, standard length, lie, and 9.5*. Basically every thing with the club is the same except the shaft is the stiff not the xstiff.  I really think the stiff flex would work for me best now.

The balance point of the club is at 850 mm and the dead weight is 11.10 ounces which I figure calculates to a a D1 swingweight.   I want to try and get the D5-6 swingweight to match up with my other clubs and give me the feel I like.

How would I do this, and where does the weight need to be added?  Thanks a ton!!

Joe B

If i add a lighter grip can i get it close to D5 with an 11 gram weight?

Joe B

Also with the club i got fit with, how does it have a D5 sw? Does the extra couple grams the xstiff shaft make the difference. From what i can tell from everything, from grip to head, everything is the same except shaft stiffness. How did driver i get fit with swing to D5? Was he going to order it that way and titleist can get it to D5 with the 9 gram weight in the head somehow? Thanks

Cameron D


I'm not sure how that club came out to D5 with those specs.  A couple extra grams in a firmer flex shaft shouldn't move the swing weight a couple points.  If you choose to go with a lighter grip, then depending upon how light that grip is will determine if the 11g bezel weight will help maintain that swing weight at D5.