Short Driver Shaft

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John S

I typically play 'R' Flex shafts in all my clubs, hcp is 12, age is over 50...height is 5ft 4in on a good day

Current driver is png K15 at 44 1/4" long Aldila NVS 85 not tipped...(44" or slightly shorter would be the cats meow)

I am looking at 910 D2's either 10.5 or 12, can I just put a #3 wood shaft in the driver or should it be driver shaft tipped and shortened? Could use a little height help too, hence looking for the adjustabilty option...



Lou G

Cameron D


I would just request that custom length in the driver shaft.  This way the tipping can be consistent with how it normally will be tipped for a driver.  Keep in mind that extra tipping could bring your ball flight down.



Concur with Cameron.  I have a driver that is 45 3/4' standard length and I have it at 44.5"  (I'm 6'1").  I have a Winn Lite Dri Tac grip to keep the swingweight (it is ~27 g lighter than a standard Lamkin 52 g grip - that is almost 6 swingweight points restored).