Fairway Wood Shaft Question -- Bassara Feels a Bit Light/Soft, How About RIP Phenom 50?

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Potomac Golfer

I play a 910F with a Bassara 55 A-flex for a slow swing speed (recommended by a Titleist Advanced Fitter).  It's good but sometimes feels a tad soft and light (even though I like a responsive tip).  Better to go with a Bassara R-flex, or the RIP Phenom 50 R-flex?  I realize that only a fitter can truly tell, but I'm curious whether anyone has tried the Phenom 50 in a fairway wood.

Dan L

You have to try both. I find Aldila shafts tend to be a little stiff. I have a 913 F 15 with a Bassara 55 R and love it. I put Bassara R shafts in my driver as well as my hybirds and have had great success.


If you were fitted at an Advanced Fitting Center, you should trust the fitter. I am sure that they had you try a number of shafts and the one you were fitted for was the best performing shaft of the lot. The fitter really does want to get you the best equipment as his reputation and you game ride on the recommendation.

kevin w

Well, you need to try them both. I prefer the Bassara R because Adila shafts feels more harsh than the others, it depends on how you like it

Lou G

I agree with Kevin - Aldila shafts are harsh.   My nephew's golf bag has a 3DX 23*  hybrid with an Aldila shaft and it is very harsh feeling compared to the stock shaft.