UST Mamiya VTS 85 Black

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Brady T

Hello -

I am getting ready to purchase the 913 D3. Right now I'm playing the 910 D3 with the Aldila RIP 80 shaft and love it but am looking to switch it up. I was wondering if the VTS 85 Black is available yet. I really like the looks of this shaft and the specs seem to fit my swing and are very similar to the RIP 80. If not, what is a comparable shaft?

Thanks in advance!


Brady T

Great, thanks Cathi! I'll look into the VTS 75 Black!

Brady T

Also Cathi, if I were to order this shaft from my pro shop, whats the turn around on an "off menu" item?


Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The reason we ask that there are no cancellations or changes made to the order is we can only guesstimate how long it will take.  Since it is not a standard shaf that they will have for us, it may take one week or it may take 4 weeks.  Unfortunately, we don't know and will quote 3-4 weeks.


Cathi, where do we find...if any...a place that offers us a list of these off menu shafts? I have been searching for a similar type of shaft but the Black is not my preferred model.  Thank you!

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Chris,  There is no list of off menu shafts - we are not trying to encourage players to choose from shafts that we do not offer.  We are offering the largest custom matrix in the industry and would like all players to choose from that list.  We do currently allow players to order shafts that have passed our testing as a courtesy, but we don't have part numbers and as it is only an occasional order, we can do it.