Regular shaft vs steel in irons

Will I get a different height between regular and stiff shafts?

Regular, stiff, graphite or steel are all made to a standard length of 37.5" on a 6 iron.  If you would like your clubs to be cut to a different length, please specify that on your order. 

I meant ball height, like flight. Thanks

:)  funny ......yes, in general, you would see the regular flex launch a little higher

 Let me be a witness and tell you that weaker or more flexible shafts, in either steel or graphite, will generate a higher launch with a little extra carry.  But if you are looking for more accuracy and control, a stiffer shaft would tend to produce a straighter ball flight, with a sacrifice of distance. The best advice is to compare stiff and regular shafts side by side and judge for yourself.

Hi Cathi,

Along these same lines, how much higher, if any, would a regular graphite shaft launch than a regular steel shaft?  Thanks.

Mark F