18 degree club needed - 235 yard distance, most accurate, prefer mid-high launch

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I am looking for a better 235 yard club (17-18 degree range).  I am currently playing a Titleist 980 17 degree with stock stiff.  It is a little too soft.   I love my 15 degree 913 fd off the tee and off the deck.  I hit it 245-250 in the air with a stock whiteboard 82x (very accurate and easy to control).  I have considered a 18 degree fd or f and now considering a 712U.  In the past I have played an Adams VST 19 with an xflex graphite shaft.  It was OK but I just don't like hybrids.  I hit long irons very well and hit my 3 iron (21) about 220 in the air with DG Tour x100 ss.

My question - if I get the 712U, and use it off the tee and mainly of the deck, would it make sense to stick with the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue x100 ss like I use in my irons?