913D3 Weight Kit

Started by : Todd Y |

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Todd Y

I currently have a 913D3 7.5 with a Speeder TS 7.2X. I swing at 110 mph and the head feels a little heavy. I see that there is a weight kit that titleist offers but how light can I go?  

I currently have the stock red dot - 9 gram but could I try a 4 gram?

Todd Y

I would assume my swing speed to increase but what about the ball speed?

Any other drawbacks?

Don F

Can I order a complete set of these weights through my pro-shop or through Titleist as just a normal consumer?  I changed over from a new  cally RAZR Fit 8 degree to a new Titleist 913 D3 and I wanted to experiment a bit with the weight system. 

Cameron D


Yes.  Any authorized Titleist retailer can order you the kit or the individual weights.



Don F

Thanks Cameron.