913D3 Weight Kit

I currently have a 913D3 7.5 with a Speeder TS 7.2X. I swing at 110 mph and the head feels a little heavy. I see that there is a weight kit that titleist offers but how light can I go?  

I currently have the stock red dot - 9 gram but could I try a 4 gram?


The lightest weight available is the 4g weight.  They are sold individually and some Club Fitters will have them for you to be able to try it.  Know that adding this weight to the club head will take the swing weight from D4 to D1.



I would assume my swing speed to increase but what about the ball speed?

Any other drawbacks?

Can I order a complete set of these weights through my pro-shop or through Titleist as just a normal consumer?  I changed over from a new  cally RAZR Fit 8 degree to a new Titleist 913 D3 and I wanted to experiment a bit with the weight system. 


Yes.  Any authorized Titleist retailer can order you the kit or the individual weights.



Thanks Cameron.