913 D2 Settings

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Thomas A

Question regarding D913 Driver settings.

Was fit for C-1 setting, my question if I wanted to add more draw bias by going to C-2 will my effective loft change? By going to C-2  I have made the lie more upright hence changing my loft due to closing the face?

If all this is true what effect will this have on spin since I added loft.  As noted my C-1 setting is perfect spin and launch, however for days I struggle and lose the ball right I may want to try a C-2 or D-2. 

tony m

i just bought a 913 d3 and the setting is C-1 can you tell me what this means?  also where can i find a chart for settings so i know what i can set this club to. 

thanks so much look forward to hitting my new driver!!!

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Tony,  C1 is .75° less loft and .75° flatter lie angle.  Here is the link to the performance guide that you can print out.