Cutting 913 d2 driver shaft

Started by : Allen S |

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Allen S

I am wanting to cut my 913 d2 down to 44".  If I cut 1" off the butt, and then swap the 9 gr weight for the 14 gr weight, will this bring the swing weight back to close to what it is now?  Also how much if any will this effect the flex?

Thanks for any information.

Allen S

Thanks for the information.  I think I am going to go ahead and cut it 1".  I have been chocking down on it and find that I am hitting the sweet spot so much better and also hitting more fairways.  Just don't like the feel of that much shaft sticking out when I choke down, so hopefully 1" shorter will be good.

Charles S

Allen, let us know how you get along after cutting the shaft down.. I have to same problem with my 905R. I'm only 5'-9" amd feel like I have to choke down or my swing feels too flat. I have no weights to change.

Charles S.

Allen S

Well, I did cut an inch off the butt end.  Didn't change the weight.  It feels pretty good as is, so not sure I am going to change the weight.  Haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but have hit it on the range.  I am hitting the sweet spot much more consistently, and it doesn't appear that I have lost any distance.  Won't know for sure until I get on the course with it, but even if I have lost a little distance, I can live with it as it feels so much better and I am not slicing near as much, just a nice fade.  I think I am going to like it a lot.