How much launch is too high?

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Don O

I've been having some swing changes.  Formerly used a reverse tilt with an early cast.  The 912 AP10's were fitted with the A-Flex AD-65 shafts, and was fitted for a G15 driver 12 degree.  I now use a 10.5 910 D2 with an Ilima R flex set to 9.75 (trial and error).  My 6 and 7 irons now go as high or higher than my Volkey stock 48 degree GW, then drop straight down..  Driver speed has gone from 80 to 88 mph, and apparently the 6 Iron was clocking 82-84 mph at the same time and launching around 22 degrees.  The driver was launching 17-19, so that's when I moved it from 10.5 to 9.75.

Can I expect that I will need to get refit and what shaft(s) would be a good starting point?  I'm open to steel as well as graphite.  Since they are 18 month old 912's, I'd prefer to re-shaft if possible.  When I go for a fitting, I've already priced the Diamana + Blue 62 if the fitter wants a lower launching shaft rather than dialing back the driver head as another starting point.

Don O

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The lessons sound like they are really making some good changes for you.  Typically, the higher the swing speed, the lower you can hit the 6 iron because you will have enough speed and spin to keep it in the air.  For example, a PGA Tour player might hit his 6 iron at 14°, but an LPGA player will hit it closer to 17°.  Your 6 iron (all things being equal) should launch around the same as an LPGA player or even a bit higher, but 22° is high.  Your pro is probably working with you to check impact technique as well as shaft selection.  You could try one of the lightweight steel shafts which include the NS pro 850, or 950.  They can get a lower launching driver shaft, but a shaft is not going to be able to lower your launch by 5-6°.

Larry Tiziani and Travis Becker are the fitters at Cherokee CC and will have whatever you need or can get it if they do not.  Their number is:  608.249.1000 x1

Worked with Travis today on a gap between a 21 F and driver.  Thought it would be a 17 degree, but we went with the 15 913F set back to 16.5, W shaft A-Flex.  Gave less fade - more consistent spread, and was actually close to 10 yards further than the 17, which was within 5 yards of the 21.  Should solve my long par 3s and give me options on the par 5s to adjust the approach shot length.  For comparison, also tried the well-known white w/stripes 3W but there was no sweet spot to be found as good as the 913F.

Looked at driver and kept the Ilana shaft R flex.  The W shaft wasn't enough different - Travis adjusted the loft up one notch and was satisfied that worked better than any shaft,  Nice of him to not spend my money, even though I offered a blank check!

For the irons, he wants me to work with ProV1x and if needed, Velocity.  If either works, then I have more ball inventory to move to First Tee.  Didn't have enough time or back to do a ball fitting then and there. 

I'm very happy to have easy access to an AFC for fittings.  ..If you're in Wisconsin or northern Illinois...

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

Hi Don,  Sounds like you have a winner!  and someone you can go to that is local for you.  Have a great 4th!