Lie angle re-adjustment

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Haakon Ø

I have recently been looking at a used 712 MB iron set.
The clubs are adjusted 2 degres flat, but I need standard lie angle.
Is it possible to adjust these back to standard lie, or would that be a problem?

craig t


Can the AP1 710 lie angles be adjusted after purchase?  If so, can most pro shops do this adjustment?  Thanks.

craig t


Can the lie angle of the AP1 710 irons be adjusted after purchase?  If so, can a golf shop normally do this adjustment properly?  Thanks

Cameron D


They can be adjusted +/-2*.  We recommend you send them to Titleist to have them adjusted, so they will maintain their warranty.  This can be setup through any authorized Titleist retailer.  Let us know if you have any questions about this process.