913 F & FD Shaft Switch

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Quick question.  I have a 913Fd and my brother has a 913F.  My shaft is s and his is x.  We'd like to exchange shafts (put the x into the Fd and the s into the F).  Is this something we can do easily ourselves if we have the wrench?  And is it appropriate to make this switch?


Just unscrew the head and screw it into the new shaft. Super quick and easy. 


Thanks. Made the switch. However, the heads are not quite as "flush" with the tips on their new shafts. The surefit tip protrudes a bit as opposed to being "flush". Is this ok?

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The shaft should click in just as it did in the original head and it should be flush - no protrusions.  I would recommend taking it to your local pro and having him/her take a look at it. 

Manuel M

That's odd that you had a bit of an issue with the adapter sitting flush. Try unscrewing and then adjusting the adapter then re tighten it.

david c

how come the "Oban" is not offered, Taylor offers it. all model?

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

We offer the Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65 and 75 as well as the Black in 65 and 75.  The  White 65 and 75 can be ordered in S or X as an "off menu" shaft which means that we will place the order for you, but, we ask that you don't cancel or make any changes to the order once it has been placed.