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Jim K

Hello all....

I am looking to finally make the jump over to Titleist irons and looking to get a proper fitting. I live in California and am only an 1.5 hours from the TPI in Oceanside. Has anyone been to the facility? What does the iron fitting cost? How far in advance do you need to make your reservations? I will probably wait until the release of the 714 irons before making my purchase but was curious how far in advance I need to book my fitting.


Jim K

Thanks for the info Cathi. I look forward to my fitting and will make sure to book a month or so in advance as I'm sure you guys will be busy this fall with the 714 release!


I did a fitting at TPI prior to the 712 release and it was the best $500 spent. Great experience with great people. I would love to do it again. 

Jim K


Thats great to hear! Did you find that the fitting was more beneficial for your woods or would it be worth the $200 to get an iron fitting. How far prior to the 712 release did you get fit and were the 712's available to hit then?

Barry O

Hi Jim, I had my fitting @ TPI back in late Jan. 2011 with Steve Ziff. I had the whole bag fitting done and it is 3+ hours of hard work and worth every penny!!!! I have an extremely bad back but am intent on playing as long as I can still swing the clubs! A fitting at the institute will give you confidence in your clubs. After hitting balls, I understood that Steve was there to try and make my worst shots, better and my good shots great. Hitting with the trackman watching and giving Steve all the numbers, was an amazing process! All of my clubs fit me like a glove and the confidence I gained was immediately evident to my playing buddies and partners! Go for it! You won't regret it. Everything Titleist all the way!!!!!