Titleist Fitting at Miles of Golf - Ypsilanti, MI

Started by : Bill B |

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Bill B

My buddy went to Miles of Golf to look at some irons.  Ended up getting a full bag of Titleist irons and wedges.  He was professionally fit at Miles - Kenny Johns dialed my boy in for Length, Lie, Grip, Set Composition, Shaft.  I can't wait to go there and get fit myself.  Not sure If I should wait for the new stuff or get fit now.  Any opinions?


John L

depends on the charge. if its cheep or no fee then do it because there shouldn't be too much of a change between the 712 and 714 line. if there is a fee the goes toward the perches of clubs then you have to decide if you want the 712 or 714 line. when i bought my mb's it was right after the 712 line came out. i like the 710s but i wanted the sateen finish. plus the heel grind that they did. from what they have relesed about the 714 line they really didnt want to change the mb much at all. while the 714's look great for me i dont have a need to get the new line. but i might sell my practic set and get the new ones just because they are so simular. i haven't decided but i already know they will hit great because they didn't want to change them too much. its a personel decision but i will say this the 712 line is still a great line of club


Definitely wait for the 714s to be available. Technological developments, tour feedback and a Titleist fitting at Miles will eliminate any chance of your equipment getting in the way of you playing your best golf.